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ESL Training

English as a Second Language

For Military Spouses


The English as a Second Language training at Community Business College is designed to help non-English speakers and limited-English speakers develop the language skills to hold conversations in English.

Building on a foundation of vocabulary and grammar, the ESL program delivers culture and social connections to provide a full learning experience. Students use a variety of methods to gain English skills and then build on what they've learned to take their language to the next level.

The training program also incorporates social communities such as Facebook & Twitter to allow English language learners to see language used in real time and in real context to get the feel of real communications about real life.

The Community Business College ESL program also includes access to new Mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices, allowing for great language learning on-the-go.

There are specialized classes for these languages:

bulletESL for Spanish Speakers
bulletESL for Chinese Speakers
bulletESL for Korean Speakers
bulletESL for Portuguese Speakers
bulletESL for Japanese Speakers


Course Length:

The Speaking English class is 24 weeks in length. Students should plan on spending at least 28 hours a week in working with the program and practicing their language skills.

Course Cost:

The cost for the entire ESL program is $2,395. The cost includes all materials supplies and headset hardware (see below).


The goal of the program is to provide non-English speaking students a fundamental knowledge of English with the ability to speak with other English speakers and some reading and writing skills. Students who complete the program will receive certificates of completion.

Hardware Requirements:

A Microsoft Windows or Apple computer with Internet access is required for the program for those taking this class through distance learning. The program is offered at the college's main campus in Modesto, California where the school supplies the hardware for use in this program.

ESL students are issued headsets with a microphone for use in the program. 

Job Placement Assistance:

Community Business College's job placement office will provide assistance in resume development and job searching techniques to those graduates who require help in relocating or finding employment.

Next Steps:

If you are a military spouse, ready to use your MyCAA tuition to enroll in the Community Business College ESL training program, save the ESL Program Plan file.

Now follow these eight steps:

Create Your MyCAA Education Plan

1.       Login to your account and click on “Create Goal” in the “What’s Next?” box on the right. 

2.   In the "Career Field" box, select the ESL option. 

3.  Select the ESL category click "Create Goal" and then "OK" in the pop-up window to create your goal. 

4.       Click the “Select School” button and search for “Community Business College” with “ALL” states selected in the pop-up window. 

5.       Click on “Community Business College” and it will be added to your plan. 

6.  Enter “ESL” as the name of your chosen training program. 

7.  Select “Certification” in the drop down menu for “Program Type.” Now you will need to upload a Program Plan.  

8.   Click “Create Plan” after uploading the Program Plan Document and click “OK” on the pop-up window to submit your plan. 

You’re done! You should receive an email from your case manager with approval of your plan. The email will include what steps to take next. If you have any questions, call Community Business College at (209) 529-3648 or send an email to




Click this link to download the ESL Program Plan File

Community Business College offers a many services to active-duty service members, veterans and their families and dependents.

Thank You For Your Family's Service


Send care packages to service members and their units overseas. Items for packages are accepted at Community Business College's donation center. Nominations for care package recipients are taken at the school's admission office.


Coupons for military families. Military families stationed overseas can use manufacturers' coupons for up to 6 months past their printed expiration date. The staff and students and the school collect the coupons and send them to military families.


Free resume review and job placement kit to returning military members, families and dependents and veterans.

Serving Those Who Serve



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